Wonderware® Products and the ArchestrA® Architecture

Wonderware products enable conversion of plant data into plant intelligence. The Wonderware Application Server is the core application development and supervisory control platform of a Wonderware system.

The Wonderware Application Server is built on Invensys' Architecture by ArchestrA™, the comprehensive plant automation and information architecture that works behind the scenes of the latest Wonderware products.

The Wonderware Application Server's underlying ArchestrA architecture facilitates the re-use of engineering, standardization, peer-to-peer connectivity, remote diagnostics and administration, source code control, and role-based data security.

Included in this overview of the Wonderware Application Server is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The IDE is used for configuration and connectivity to the Wonderware Historian real-time historian and InTouch®
human-machine interface (HMI) software, allowing for real-time data acquisition, alarm and event management, data manipulation services, and collaborative engineering capabilities.

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